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Foam Body Caddis

Ryan Gabert caddis CDC Dry Flies fly tying Fly Tying Video foam Uncategorized video

Shop Foam Body Caddis Materials

Easy to tie, high floating caddis pattern! Works great in slightly slower water where the fish have longer to check your flies out.

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Body Glass Caddis

Ryan Gabert body glass caddis czech nymph fly tying Fly Tying Video nymph Nymphs video

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This super simple fly has been a moneymaker in the Black Hills this last season. The chartreuse and black version works great, but you can tie this pattern in any variety of color combinations. Great weight fly or point fly on a Czech nymph rig. Super durable and easy tie!

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Caddis Czech Nymph

Ryan Gabert caddis czech czech nymph fly tying Fly Tying Video nymph Nymphs Uncategorized

Shop Caddis Czech Nymph Materials

This fly has been a moneymaker this year on Spearfish Creek! Nice and heavy, and it makes a fantastic bottom fly in a Czech style rig. Adjust the colors to match your local fish, but this caddis green version works very well!

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Hydropsyche Caddis Larva

Hans caddis caddisflies czech nymphs fly tying Fly Tying Video hydropsyche Nymphs trout fishing trout flies Tying trout flies

Hydropsyche Caddis Larva

This has been a solid producer for me in areas with good populations of free swimming caddis larvae. This pattern is very similar to the caddis patterns of Oliver Edwards. Hydropsyche Caddis LarvaThanks for the great tips and instruction Oliver! The legs are a great addition to any caddis larva pattern, or stoneflies and clinger mayfly nymphs.

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CDC Bubble Wing Caddis

Hans bubble wing caddis caddis caddisflies CDC CDC Flies Dry Flies dry fly fly tying Fly Tying Video oliver edwards trout fishing trout flies Tying trout flies

CDC Bubble Wing Caddis

Here is a great fly from Oliver Edwards outstanding DVD “Essential Patterns Vol. 1”. Check out this DVD for several more cracking patterns.I tie this in a few sizes for the caddis hatches found here in the black hills. Sizes 14-16 are particularly well suited for the waters I fish. The color schemes of light brown to tan work best for the hatches I fish.

cdc bubble wing caddis fly

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