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Fly Tying Baetis – Blue Winged Olive – Dry Fly Patterns

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Fall Baetis Hatch blue winged olive trout flies

Getting ready for fall Baetis hatches? Blue Winged Olive hatches are one of our major hatches in the fall, and the fish really take notices of all the little olive bugs on the water. Rapid, Castle, Spearfish, Crow, and Sand Creeks all see significant hatches of BWO’s from mid September through October typically, especially on cool and overcast days. The main portion of the hatch can last anywhere from 2-5 hours, and the...

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Black Hills Fall Hatches

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With the lower flows, longer nights, and cooler temps, we’ve been starting to see quite a few Blue Winged Olives hatching over the past few weeks, and the fish have been up on them pretty consistently. This is some of the best dry fly fishing we see all year, and it brings some nice fish up to feed on the surface for several hours each day. The hatch will continue through mid-October typically, and lasts the majority of the afternoon. If you like semi-technical dry fly fishing, the next month and a half will be your time of year! Here’s a...

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Barr’s Emerger

Ryan Gabert barrs emerger blue winged olive BWO Emergers fly tying Fly Tying Video Uncategorized

Barr’s Emerger Fly Tying Materials

The Barr’s Emerger has been one of the most effective fly patterns for imitating a mayfly nymph or emerger for a long time, and for good reason – it works! Easy to tie and easy to alter to match various types of mayflies. Works fantastic as a dropper below a dry fly before a BWO hatch!

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Tying Dave’s Hot Bead Soft Backed Baetis Nymph

Hans baetis blue winged olive BWO czech nymph emerger Emergers Fly Tying Video Mayflies Mayfly Hatches Nymphs trout flies Tungsten Bead Tying trout flies

Tying Dave’s Hot Bead Soft Backed Baetis Nymph

dave's soft backed baetis nymph

For materials visit our Webstore:

Learn to tie Dave Gamet’s Hot Bead Soft Backed Baetis Nymph. This is a proven pattern here on our Black Hills trout streams and on the Bighorn River.

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Soft Backed Baetis Nymph Materials:

Hook: Tiemco 212y Size 15-21

Bead: Hareline Plummeting Tungsten Bead or Tyer’s...

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