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News — bighorn river

Bighorn River Trout Spey Trip 2017

Ryan Gabert bighorn bighorn river Black Hills Fishing flies Fly Fly Fishing Montana Spey spey rod streamer Swing swinging trout spey Uncategorized

Steelhead fishing introduced us to Spey casting, and it’s become a bit of an obsession over the past several years. It’s a pretty cool feeling when you set up a cast, sweep around, pull your bottom hand and your flies go sailing across the currents nearly effortlessly. When a fish takes a swung fly, it’s a totally different experience than fishing with a typical nymph rig. Your flies and line are under constant tension, and you can steer your flies across the currents faster, slower, broadside or upstream depending on what the run and conditions dictate. You feel every time your...

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Travel Blog – Bighorn River, December 2015

Ryan Gabert big trout bighorn river Black Hills Fishing Fly Fishing streamer fishing Uncategorized Winter

We’re driving through Gillette, Wyoming at 5:00 am and it’s -12 degrees out. I’ve got the heater cranked on my pickup hard enough that we feel like we’re in a toaster, and the windows still won’t stay defrosted. Who’s idea was it to go fishing again? Garrett, Jacob and I headed over to the thriving metropolis […]

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Bighorn River Trip

Ryan Gabert baetis bighorn river Black Hills Fishing black hills fishing report black hills fly fishing black hills trout fishing Fishing Report midges Montana Nymphs trout fishing Uncategorized

I made the trek over to the Bighorn River in Ft. Smith, Montana late last week, and had an exceptional trip! The nymphing was good as always, with Pink hot bead Ray Charles, Green Weenies, and Split Back Baetis being my hottest flies. The real highlight of the trip, however, was the dry fly fishing. […]

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New Jig Flies and Cork Indicators!

Ryan Gabert big trout bighorn river Black Hills Fishing black hills trout fishing Nymphs Rapid Creek Uncategorized

We custom ordered some new jig patterns for the bins, and they’ve arrived! Jig nymphs are some of out most productive patterns here in the Black Hills, and these are a few variations of our favorite nymphs! Come by and check them out – they’ve been great flies for us. Another new product we have […]

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Choosing The Right Fly Line For You!

Ryan Gabert bighorn river Black Hills Fishing black hills fishing report black hills fly fishing black hills trout fishing choosing fly line dry fly emerger Fishing Report How to choose a fly line how to pick a fly line Nymphs Rapid Creek RIO Rio Fly Lines Rio Perception streamers trout fishing

Picking a new fly line can be tricky business – All the mumbo-jumbo talk about tapers, coatings, cores, and technologies in new fly lines can get to be dizzying and confusing when it comes time to get a new line for your favorite fly rod! All of these things are very important, but to the average flyfisher, they don’t mean much. Everyone just wants a line that’s going to fish well on their rod, and last a long time, right? Here at the shop, we’re really partial to RIO fly lines, leaders, and tippet – in our opinion it’s great...

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