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Beginning Fly Tying Part II

Hans Beginning Fly Tying Black Hills Fishing Fly Tying Video

We have filmed quite a few fly tying videos over the the past few years. Many of those videos are perfect for beginning fly tiers. In this post we share some of our favorite videos for beginners starting with the easiest pattern to tie.

Be sure to check out the first post in the Beginning Fly Tying Series where we discussed the basic tools needed for beginning tiers.

Beginning Fly Tying Part I

Fly Patterns for Beginning Fly Tying

Mercury Midge

Tying the...

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Beginning Fly Tying Part 1

Hans Beginning Fly Tying beginning fly tying class Black Hills Fishing fly tying Fly Tying Video how to start fly tying how to tie flies how to tie trout flies tying flies Tying trout flies

How to start tying your own flies

Beginning Fly Tying

It’s always a good time to learn to tie flies, but…

With everybody hunkering down, this is a great time to learn how to tie your own flies. Beginning fly tying can seem intimidating, however it is very easy to tie your own flies. To start tying your own flies you only need a fw basic...

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Upcoming Fly Tying Demos and Classes

Ryan Gabert beginning fly tying Beginning Tying Class Black Hills Black Hills Fishing bonefish Class demo euro nymph fly tying free permit Photography pike saltwater Uncategorized video

We’re going to be doing fly tying demos on Saturdays here at the shop for the next couple months, as well as have some open classes at the shop during the week! We have a wide variety of demo and class topics that should cover a broad range of tier’s interests. We’ve updated our camera/projection game a bit, and it’ll be easier to see for everyone that comes down. All of the demos are free and start at 10am at the shop, and will run around an hour or so. Here’s a list of what we have scheduled for the next 2 months...

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