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News — bass flies

Anatomy of a Game Changer Fly

Hans bass flies Black Hills Fishing Blaine Chocklett fly tying game changer pike flies streamer

Tying big flies continues to be an obsession at the shop. These efforts are fueled by some of our recent pike fishing adventures. One unique and very popular fly for larger predatory fish has been the Game Changer, originated by Blaine Chocklett. I haven’t tied very many of these, but throwing big streamers for pike […]

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Tying with Dave Gamet- Tying the Soft Claw Craw Crawfish Fly

Hans bass flies Carp Flies crawfish crayfish fly tying Fly Tying Video jig fly smallmouth bass Streamers Warmwater Flies

Dave’s Soft Claw Craw

Dave Gamet of Dakota Angler & Outfitter ties his Jig Craw, a consistent producer for us on everything from brown trout to smallmouth and carp. This crawfish fly is a must have on the missouri river near pierre and on Lake Oahe. We have also fished this in Wisconsin on the Flambeau river, and the bass loved this soft claw crawfish fly. Tie up a few to stuff in your warmwater box, you won’t be disappointed!

The Soft Claw Craw features materials that give the fly...

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Foam Gurgler Fly

Hans bass flies fly tying Fly Tying Video foam gurgler gurgler fly Warmwater Flies

Fly Tying with Ryan Foam Gurgler Bass Bug

Ryan from Dakota Angler & Outfitter ties a Foam Gurgler Bass Bug, a must-have in any bass fly fisherman’s box. Tie in in Yellow, Green, White, Black, Purple, and Brown for the best success. Take it to your local bass pond or lake, throw it in a weed mat, and hold on!

Tying Foam Gurgler Fly Pattern


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Barr’s Slumpbuster

Hans bass flies fly tying Fly Tying Video slumpbuster smallmouth bass Streamers trout fishing trout flies Tying trout flies Warmwater Flies

Barr’s Slumpbuster

This is a great pattern from Colorado’s John Barr. We have strayed a little bit from the original, but it still catches it’s share of fish. Tie this in a few color schemes and it will become a go-to streamer pattern for you. Tie this pattern onto your tippet with a no slip loop knot.

I tied this slumpbuster with rabbit strips- John Barr uses squirrel zonker strips. The squirrel strips are great on smaller flies. The rabbit strips work well on larger hook sizes (size 6-2).


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Hans’ Rabbit Strip Jig Fly

Hans bass flies carp Carp Flies carp fly fishing fly tying Fly Tying Video smallmouth bass Warmwater Flies

Hans’ Rabbit Strip Jig Fly

Jig fly patterns are tremendously effective for bass. This has been the most productive type of fly for me when fishing for smallmouth bass on the Missouri River near Pierre, South Dakota. This rabbit strip version is more durable than my version that utilizes grizzly marabou. Both are very effective. Tie this pattern onto your tippet with a no slip loop knot.

Materials Link: Rabbit Strip Jig Fly

Happy Tying!

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