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Hot Headed Leech Pattern

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Fly Tying with Hans Hot Headed Leech Pattern

Hans Stephenson, Owner of Dakota Angler & Outfitter in Rapid City, South Dakota, ties his Hot Head Leech pattern, a consistent producer for big trout on everything from small streams to the North Platte or the Bighorn River. The tail is tied intentionally long to give more movement to the fly. The heavy tungsten bead at the front of this leech pattern helps the fly dive during a pause in the retrieve. This leech pattern is best fished when attached to the tippet with a no slip loop knot.

fly tying hot headed leech pattern

Hot Headed Leech Pattern Materials

Hook: Umpqua C900bl

Bead: Red Mettallic Plummetting Tungsten Bead

Thread: Veevus 8/0

Tail: Marabou

Tail Flash: Flashabou

Hackle: Strung Saddle Hackle

Abdomen: Arizona Simi Seal Dubbing – Black Red


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