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Fly Tying with Dave Gamet Bubble Back Baetis Nymph

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About the Bubble Back Baetis Nymph

Fly Tying with Dave Gamet Bubble Back Baetis Nymph

The Bubble Back Baetis nymph is a staple in Dave’s Fly Box. This easy to tie pattern fools the pickiest of fish.

A simple and effective baetis nymph pattern. Great for picky fish. The use of the glass bead on the back of the fly seems to be a trigger, that gets fish to grab the fly. Much like the bubble back midge, the bubble back baetis nymph does an excellent job of imitating one of trout’s most common foods. This pattern can be tied in several colors depending on the natural. Variations on the color scheme of that used in the video could include- black thread and peacock thorax, yellow olive thread and olive thorax, and brown thread with a rusty brown thorax. If you’re local stream has a healthy population of baetis mayflies, then this an excellent pattern to add to your box.


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