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Black Hills Fishing Report July 24th 2020

July 24, 2020 2 min read

Black Hills Fishing Report July 24th 2020

Top Streams- Rapid Creek, Castle Creek, and Spearfish Creek

Other options- Deerfield Lake in a float tube!

Hatches- Primarily PMDs, PEDs, Caddis, Little Yellow Stones, and some tricos

Fishing continues to be good on Rapid, Castle, and Spearfish Creek. But please keep an eye on the weather and water temperatures. Thursday was quite hot! Thankfully, we are getting a break today from some lingering cloud cover. So today would be a great day to be out fishing. However, the hot weather will be back; Saturday’s highs are supposed to be around 93 in town. Sunday and Monday are going forecasted to be in mid 80s. So the bottom line remains – fish cold water. What does that mean? It means avoid anywhere where water temperatures are above 67 or 68°. Why? Any temperatures above that threshold stress trout to the point where we can kill them if we catch them. If the temp is above 67 then head further upstream to find cooler water. None of this means that we shouldn’t go fishing, it simply means go closer to the tail water fisheries or to the higher elevations of the Black Hills. Hey that means you get to beat the heat too!

Hatches of PMDs continue. And a few Caddis are hatching on most streams. There is a good trico hatch on Rapid Creek in town in the early morning. During the day Hopper dropper rigs are a good bet.
Ant and beetle patterns are good options too.

For nymph fishing try Tungsten Split Case PMD nymphs, Rio’s French Dip, Jig Hare’s Ears, and tungsten zebra midges.

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