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Renzetti Presentation 4000 Vise

February 04, 2013 2 min read

Renzetti Presentation 4000 Vise


Vises are an often overlooked piece of fly tying equipment, even though nothing else you can matters if your vise can't properly hold a hook. Nothing is more important than the vise being able to properly hold a wide range of hook sizes and shapes without sliding around. I've tied on numerous different vises, and having a bad one can be very frustrating, to say the least. I purchased my Renzetti Presentation 4000 series vise several years ago, and have been nothing but impressed and pleased with the results. It really is one of the best built, best looking vises out there. It's beautifully machined, and the pedestal is heavy and wide, reducing the vise “tipping” that pedestal bases are notorious for. The sheer simplicity of the mechanical parts of the vise is another aspect of the 4000 that makes it such a popular option. It has one adjustment for hook size, and a simple cam lever to clamp down on your hooks. There is virtually nothing to break on this vise, which is a plus for people that tie lots of flies, or simply don't want to have to worry about replacing parts. There have been thousands of hooks through my vise, and I'm still on the original pair of jaws. Not very many vises can say that. I've tied everything from size 24 midge dries, to 5/0 pike monstrosities, all with the same pair of jaws, and have never had a hook slip, even when tying big deer hair poppers that require tons of pressure to spin. Also, Renzetti's are a true rotary vise, meaning that the hook shank stays on the same plane all the time, no matter what angle the shaft of the vise is at. This makes is super easy to take a peek at the other side of your flies, and make sure everything is in order, and it's also great for gluing on eyes and such. The Renzetti Presentation 4000 vise is truly an awesome, all purpose vise. Whether you are a recreational tier, or you tie tens of thousands of flies annually, a good vise is a must, and the Presentation 4000 has been an amazing vise for me, and everyone else I know that has one feels the same way. Stop by the shop and tie on one; you'll be more than happy with the results. 



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