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Sage ONE Fly Rod Review

October 02, 2012 2 min read



Sage ONE Review

by Ryan Gabert, Dakota Angler & Outfitter Staff

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When Sage released the ONE Rod in the fall of 2011, lots of people, including myself, were skeptical of it. Why would they need to change something, (the Z-Axis), that was already a great fly rod? One feel of the ONE, and it all began to make sense. The ONE is one of the lightest fly rods on the market, especially in the heavier line weights and switch and spey rods, even up to a third lighter than other comparable rods. After laying out several different line weight ONEs and casting them side by side, I'd finally talked myself into ordering one, just a plain 9' 5wt. For such a generic size rod, it fishes nearly every situation I have encountered so far without missing a beat. I've thrown size 22 tricos with it in town on Rapid Creek, to chucking size 4 dries on the Wind River, to hopper-droppers on the Tongue River, to high-sticking heavy nymphs in Spearfish Canyon, and it has handled every situation thrown at it with ease. It's light and subtle enough to fish like a 4 weight, but if it comes down to it, you can throw big streamers with it and fish it like a 6 weight. It has the power to fight fish in heavy current on heavy tippet, but it also has the finesse to fight big fish on light tippets and small flies. It really is an amazing all-around rod. On paper, it's a fast action rod, but when you start casting it and actually fishing it, it has a ton of feel to it unlike most fast-action rods. It's definitely a fast line speed rod, especially in the heavier line weights, but in the lighter line weights, it is a surprisingly subtle rod when fishing small dries and light tippet. But when push comes to shove, it has the power to chuck big streamers and roll cast a heavy nymph rig. It truly is a great all-purpose rod, that handles any scenario you can throw at it. After getting my ONE, a lot of my other rods seem to be collecting more dust than usual. It really is one of the most versatile rods I have ever fished, and everything about it just seems to work. From roll casting, to high-sticking, to chucking streamers, to hoppers, to fishing minuscule dries, the ONE does it all without hesitation.


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