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Fly Tying Videos — Uncategorized

Fly Tying with Hans - Starling and Olive Soft Hackle

Ryan Gabert Emergers fly tying Fly Tying Video hans Nymphs olive partridge soft hackle Uncategorized

The Starling & Olive is a fantastic soft hackle pattern both fished by itself and swung or fished as a dropper fly below a dry fly or terrestrial. We’ve been playing around with fishing soft hackle patterns lately and have found them to be incredibly effective. This pattern lends itself well to color changes and variations as well. Tie a few up! Click on the link below to find the materials on our webstore.

Starling & Olive Soft Hackle Materials

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Fly Tying with Ryan - Groovy Bow River Bugger

Ryan Gabert Bow River Bugger fly tying Fly Tying Video Hareline streamer Streamers Uncategorized

Shop Groovy Bow River Bugger Materials

Ryan ties his version of the Bow River Bugger with some of the new materials from Hareline Dubbin. This is a great streamer pattern wherever trout swim, and it lends itself well to color changes and variations!


Hook – Partridge Universal Predator #1

Cone – Spirit River Tungsten Conehead

Tail – Groovy Bunny Strip

Body – Ripple Ice Fiber

Legs – Chicone’s Crusher Legs

Collar – Ripple Ice Fiber


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Black Hills Fishing Report - Halloween Edition

Ryan Gabert Black Hills Black Hills Fishing black hills fishing report Black Hills Fishing Reports black hills fly fishing black hills trout fishing Fishing Report spearfish creek Uncategorized

Fishing throughout the Black Hills continues to be great, and we have had some unseasonably warm weather that’s made for some really good fishing. With highs that continue to be in the 60s and 70s we’ve had a fair amount of dry fly fishing available, as well as some terrestrial opportunities! This is the time of year that streamer fishing starts to get good as well, and some of our biggest fish of the year are caught in late October and November. There’s no shortage of fishing opportunities throughout the Black Hills right now, and the streams are all pretty vacant!


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Black Hills Fishing Report 10/10/2016

Ryan Gabert Black Hills Fishing black hills fishing report Black Hills Fishing Reports black hills fly fishing black hills trout fishing Fishing Report Uncategorized

We’re cooling down over the next couple days in the Black Hills, and it’s starting to look more like fall with a chance of snow. The sub-freezing temperatures forecast for the next couple mornings will make for a cold start to your day, but won’t affect the fishing much. Throughout the Black Hills the fish have been pretty willing, and we’ve had some great days over the past week with some happy folks out on the water. Most of the people that frequent Black Hills streams have switched from waders to hunting boots, so the streams have been pretty darn quiet!


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Tungsten Bruised PMD Nymph Fly Tying Video

Ryan Gabert Fly Tying Video Nymphs Uncategorized

The Tungsten Bruised PMD is a late summer killer here in the Black Hills! If you fish anywhere there are PMD nymphs in the water, this is a must have fly. The tungsten bead allows the fly to get down quickly, and also makes it a good dropper pattern off of a dry. The yellow thorax seems to be a trigger to fish that are feeding on PMD nymphs as well. This is a great late summer and early fall fly pattern – tie up a few before you hit...

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