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Fly Tying Videos — tungsten

Goose Quill Tungsten Jig Fly

Ryan Gabert fly tying Fly Tying Video goose quill jig nymph Nymphs tungsten

Shop Goose Quill Tungsten Jig Nymph Fly Tying Materials 

Learn how to tie a Tungsten Jig Nymph with a Canadian Goose Quill. Nature’s Spirit Canadian Goose Quills are beautiful biots with excellent segmentation. Goose Quills are much more affordable than stripped peacock quills.

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Fly Tying with Ryan Tungsten Hot Head Pine Squirrel Leech

Ryan Gabert fly tying Fly Tying Video hot head leech Nymphs squirrel leech Streamers tungsten Uncategorized

Ryan shows you how to tie a simple but incredibly effective pattern, the Hot Head Pine Squirrel Leech. This is one of our go to patterns on the North Platte River near Casper, Wyoming, as well as throughout the Black Hills when the water is colored. Brown, Black, and Natural are three of the most effective colors!

Buy Materials Here – Tungsten Hot Bead Pine Squirrel Leech Materials List

Materials List

Hook – Daiichi 1270

Bead – Hareline Plummeting Tungsten Bead Pink Jawbreaker

Thread – 70 or 140 Denier...

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Green Weenie Tungsten Midge- Fly Tying Video

Ryan Gabert Fly Tying Video green weenie midge midge patterns Nymphs trout fly tungsten

Tungsten Green Weenie Midge with Veevus Body Quills A suped up version of the Green Weenie midge. Dave Gamet began tying a version of the pattern popularized on the Bighorn River. He was out-fishing us frequently and finally shared the pattern. His version has a tungsten bead and flash. I added the Veevus Body quill […]

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Tungsten Yellow Spot Jig Fly Tying Video

Ryan Gabert czech european fly tying Fly Tying Video jig nymph Nymphs tungsten video yellow spot

Tying the Tungsten Yellow Spot Jig Nymph An extremely effective jig nymph. This pattern can be tied in sizes 10-16. This color combination has worked well for us, but the hot spot color can be changed. Especially effective in mid to late summer as yellow mayflies become more active. We tie this pattern with a […]

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Veevus Body Quill Jig Nymph – Fly Tying Video

Ryan Gabert body Fly Fly Tying Video jig nymph Nymphs quill Trout tungsten veevus

Tying the Veevus Body Quill Jig Nymph

veevus body quill jig nymph tungsten micro nymph

I first saw flies of this type in the book Fly Fishing and Fly Tying II – a book featuring flies and fishing techniques from the Czech Republic. When Hareline Dubbin recently began stocking body quills from Veevus, I was finally able to tie these flies. The use of different colored threads under the body quills creates...

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