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Fly Tying Videos — trout fly

Iridescent Root Beer Midge

Ryan Gabert bighorn river Emergers fly tying Fly Tying Video midge Nymphs root beer trout fly video

In our latest fly tying video, Ryan Gabert ties the Iridescent Root Beer Midge. This has been a hot fly this winter on Rapid Creek and Spearfish Creek. The Iridescent Root Beer midge has also been productive on recent trips to Montana’s Bighorn River and the North Platte in Wyoming. Ryan likes to tie this […]

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Lil Kim Streamer Fly Tying Video

HANS STEPHENSON Fly Tying Video lil kim streamer Streamers trout fly

Ryan Gabert ties his version of the Lil Kim streamer. This has been our top streamer this year on our Black Hills streams. It also works extremely well on the Bighorn and North Platte. This pattern is typically tied with olive marabou and various body colors (silver, copper, gold). However, feel free to experiment and […]

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Veevus Body Quill Baetis Nymph

Ryan Gabert baetis fly tying Fly Tying Video mayfly nymph Nymphs trout fly veevus body quill video

Tying the Veevus Body Quill Baetis Nymph This pattern uses the new Veevus body quills to tie a baetis nymph pattern. Tie this pattern in sizes 14-22. A tungsten bead or a few wraps of lead wire can be added to give additional weight. Change the color of the body quill to closely match the […]

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EP Brush Home Invader Streamer Fly Tying Video

Ryan Gabert big fish ep brush Fly Tying Video home invader streamer Streamers trout fly

EP Brush Home Invader Streamer Ryan Gabert demonstrates the EP Brush Home Invader streamer. A variation of Doug McNights streamer pattern. This has been an extremely effective streamer for large brown trout for our staff. The original recipe uses fox tail. Fox Tail makes and awesome fly and it’s worth tying some in the original […]

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Green Weenie Tungsten Midge- Fly Tying Video

Ryan Gabert Fly Tying Video green weenie midge midge patterns Nymphs trout fly tungsten

Tungsten Green Weenie Midge with Veevus Body Quills A suped up version of the Green Weenie midge. Dave Gamet began tying a version of the pattern popularized on the Bighorn River. He was out-fishing us frequently and finally shared the pattern. His version has a tungsten bead and flash. I added the Veevus Body quill […]

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