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Fly Tying Videos — Emergers

Fly Tying with Hans - Starling and Olive Soft Hackle

Ryan Gabert Emergers fly tying Fly Tying Video hans Nymphs olive partridge soft hackle Uncategorized

The Starling & Olive is a fantastic soft hackle pattern both fished by itself and swung or fished as a dropper fly below a dry fly or terrestrial. We’ve been playing around with fishing soft hackle patterns lately and have found them to be incredibly effective. This pattern lends itself well to color changes and variations as well. Tie a few up! Click on the link below to find the materials on our webstore.

Starling & Olive Soft Hackle Materials

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Iridescent Root Beer Midge

Ryan Gabert bighorn river Emergers fly tying Fly Tying Video midge Nymphs root beer trout fly video

In our latest fly tying video, Ryan Gabert ties the Iridescent Root Beer Midge. This has been a hot fly this winter on Rapid Creek and Spearfish Creek. The Iridescent Root Beer midge has also been productive on recent trips to Montana’s Bighorn River and the North Platte in Wyoming. Ryan likes to tie this […]

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Morgan's Midge Fly Tying Video

Ryan Gabert Dry Flies Emergers fly tying Fly Tying Video midges Morgan's Midge trout flies video

Tying the Morgan’s Midge One of our go to midge patterns. This pattern is little known, but it’s hard to understand why. It is consistent year after year and on a variety of waters. We tie this pattern in sizes 18-24. It also produces extremely well in Baetis Hatch. Morgan’s Midge Fly Tying Materials Hook:Tiemco […]

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Student CDC Dry Fly Tying Video

HANS STEPHENSON baetis bighorn river blue winged olive CDC Cul de Canard dry Dry Flies Emergers Fly Fly Tying Video student tying video

Tying the Student Dry Fly

The Student is a fly pattern popularized on the Bighorn River. It isn’t much to look at, but like the F-Fly this simple CDC (Cul de Canard) dry fly catches its share of fish. Tie some up for the Baetis Hatch on your trout stream or river, you will be glad you did. This pattern can be altered to match other mayfly species by changing the thread color and hook size.

Student Fly Tying Materials

Purchase materials to tie...

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Tungsten Quill Emerging Nymph Fly Tying Video

HANS STEPHENSON czech nymphing czech nymphs Emergers Fishing Report fly tying Fly Tying Video Mayflies Nymphs trout flies Tying trout flies

tungsten quill emerging nymph

The tungsten quill emerging nymph works well on selective fish. The slim profile sinks quickly, and the segmentation of the quill body adds fish catching realism.

Tying the Tungsten Quill Emerging Nymph

Learn to tie the Quill Body Emerging Nymph. A great fly for finicky trout. Use with traditional, czech, spanish, or french nymphing...

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