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March 25, 2021 2 min read

Straggle String Baetis Nymph

Learn how to tie the Straggle String Baetis Nymph. This pattern utilizes Semperfli straggle string for legs. On smaller flies, this is an excellent material for making legs and thoraxes. For tying lies larger than size 14 or when long legs are desired Straggle legs are a better material.  Shop all materials for this pattern

Materials List:

Hook: Firehole 317 size 14-18 

Bead: Black Nickel Tungsten 

Thread: 20 Denier Semperfli White Nano Silk 

Tail: Moose Body Hair 

Abdomen: Hends Body Quill 

Rib: Small Copper wire Olive or Brown 

Wingcase: Sulky Opalescent Tinsel & Wapsi Flashback Tinsel Black 

Thorax: 2-3 wraps Semperfli Straggle String  


Bloom's Optic Nerve Hare's Ear Nymph

Learn to tie Bloom's Optic Nerve Hare's Ear Nymph. This is a pattern originated by Dave Bloom. We sell a bunch of this fly in the shop. The Optic Nerve Hare's ear works well all season long, and it works especially well in summer when caddis activity is at its peak. We fish this primarily in size 14, but it can be tied in sizes 10-16.

Materials available here-  

Materials List:

Hook: Jig Hook 12-18

Bead: Slotted Tungsten Bead

Thread: 20 Denier Semperfli  

Tail: Natural Cul de Canard (CDC)

Rib: Opalescent Sulky tinsel

Body: Hare’s Ear Dubbing

Thorax: UV Pink Ice Dub

Soft Hackle: 1-2 Turns CDC & 1-2 Turns Partridge

Hot Spot: 12/0 Fl Red Semperfli Thread

Laser Tag Jig Nymph

Shop materials here

Learn to tie the Laser Tag Jig Nymph in this fly tying video from Hans. This is a quick fly to tie, but it has proved very effective. The Fluoro Fiber tag seems to be a trigger that produces fish when other flies won't

Hook: Kumoto 310 Jig Hook 12-18  

Bead: Slotted Tungsten Bead  

Thread: 20 Denier Semperfli 

Tag: Orange Fluoro Fiber -

Rib: Small or X-small ultra wire

Body: Black Peacock Semperfli Peacock Sub 

Thorax: Ice Dub or Hends Spectra dubbing

Soft Hackle: 1-2 Turns Natural or Light Grey CDC (Cul de Canard) 

Hot Spot: 12/0 Fl Red Semperfli Thread

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