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September 26, 2016 2 min read

Tying the Dropshot Quill Nymph

Dropshot Quill Nymph Fly Tying Video

This new pattern uses the just released Hareline Dubbin Insta Jig Tungsten Heads. Insta Jig Tungsten heads are teardrop shaped tungsten beads that has an offset hole that flips any hook and forces it to ride hook point up, thereby turning it into a jig style nymph. We have have used tungsten jig nymphs more and more over the past few years. They sink quickly, cut through fast current, and in our view catch more fish. These new beads can be incorporated on other hook styles besides the jig style hooks. Having more flexibility on hook style allows for more styles of jig style nymphs.

In this video we tie the Dropshot quill nymph- by using a light wire scud/emerger hook and a Hareline Insta Jig head we get a slim profile but very heavy jig nymph. This is a basic template. Feel free to alter the colors of veevus body quill, wire, and dubbing used to come up with the color scheme that works best for you. I used the new mottled brown color in this video, but you could use a brighter bead to give this fly more flash. For this fly I used a size 16 hook and a 3/32″ Insta Jig Head. Insta Jig Heads come in sizes 5/64 up to 1/8″, allowing you to tie flies in sizes 8-18, maybe even down to a size 20. These beads are heavier than a standard tungsten bead, making flies that sink very quickly. This makes this quill nymph pattern great for Euro or Czech Nymphing.

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