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Tungsten Quill Emerging Nymph Fly Tying Video

December 04, 2014 1 min read

tungsten quill emerging nymph

The tungsten quill emerging nymph works well on selective fish. The slim profile sinks quickly, and the segmentation of the quill body adds fish catching realism.

Tying the Tungsten Quill Emerging Nymph

Learn to tie the Quill Body Emerging Nymph. A great fly for finicky trout. Use with traditional, czech, spanish, or french nymphing styles. Alter the colors to match the mayfly species in your stream or river.

One of Hans’ most effective pattern in the summer of 2014.

Materials for the Tungsten Quill Emerging Nymph

Purchase Materials to Tie this Fly – Tungsten Quill Emerging Nymph Materials

  • Hook: Syndicate Nymph Midge Emerger Hook Black CH200BK size 12-16
  • Bead: Tungsten Beads Nickel sized to match hook
  • Thread: UTC 70 Denier color to match quills used
  • Tail: Coq de Leon fibers
  • Abdomen: Polish Quills Stripped Peacock Quills – color to match natural, or use bright color for attractor pattern
  • Thorax: Nature’s Spirit Fine Natural Dubbing- color to match natural, or use bright color for attractor pattern
  • Wing: Cul de Canard (aka CDC feathers) feathers natural dun or natural tan/brown
  • Hot Spot: UTC 70 denier Fl. Orange or Pink thread wraps behind bead

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