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Squirrel Zonker Fly- Fly Tying with Hans

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Tying the Squirrel Zonker Fly

The Squirrel Zonker Fly is great looking and has excellent movement in the water. This pattern is easy to tie and very durable, thanks to the reinforcement from the Clear Cure Goo head. Squirrel Zonker Strips are now widely available and come in a variety of colors, which means the Squirrel Zonker Fly can be tied in many color schemes. Our best luck has been with brown, black, and gray. A white underbelly seems to be a trigger with this pattern. We tie the squirrel zonker in sizes 4 to 8. It is equally effective on trout, bass, and panfish.

Squirrel Zonker Fly Materials

Purchase Materials for the Squirrel Zonker Fly

  • Hook: Mustad 3366 or Gamakatsu SL45
  • Thread: UTC 140 Denier
  • Tail: Krystal Flash
  • Rib: Brassie Ultra Wire
  • Abdomen: Senyo’s Laser Dub or Pearl UV Ice Dub
  • Wing: Squirrel Zonker Strip
  • Eyes: Clear Cure Goo Eyes or Holographic 3-D Molded Eyes
  • Head: Clear Cure Goo Thick

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