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Fly Tying Videos

Pat's Rubber Legs Fly Tying Video

HANS STEPHENSON Carp Flies Fly Tying Video nymph Nymphs pat pat's rubber legs

The Pat’s Rubber Legs is one of the best attractor nymph patterns ever tied, and it’s one of the most productive as well! Imitates a stonefly nymph well, and is easily adapted to various species of stoneflies. Makes a great weight fly for nymphing faster water as well! This pattern can be be tied with any color of chenille. Most often, Pat’s Rubber Legs are tied in black, brown, tan, purple. Can be tied as large as a size 2 and down to a size...

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Fly Tying with Ryan - Pike Tube Fly

Ryan Gabert fly tying Fly Tying Video northern pike pike tube fly Uncategorized Warmwater Flies

Shop Pike Tube Fly Materials

Pike tube flies are becoming more popular due to their longevity and being able to rig them up in a number of ways. This simple tie lends itself well to variation, and can be tied to mimic just about anything that swims. Chartreuse, Olive, Black, and White have been our best colors, but adjust as needed!

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Fly Tying with Hans - Ripple Ice Minnow

Ryan Gabert Bass fly tying Fly Tying Video hans ripple ice minnow streamer Streamers Uncategorized Walleye Warmwater Warmwater Flies

This pattern utilizes some of the new materials from Hareline Dubbin, and makes for a really cool baitfish pattern! Perfect for warmwater species like bass and walleye, and equally effective on trout. Tie a few up in various colors to match your local baitfish.

Shop Ripple Ice Minnow Fly Tying Materials

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Fly Tying with Ryan -Chubby Chernobyl

Ryan Gabert chernobyl chubby Dry Flies fly tying Fly Tying Video hopper Terrestrials

Ryan shows you how to tie up one of our favorite summertime terrestrials, the Chubby Chernobyl! This is a fantastic indicator pattern, and it will often surprise you how many fish eat it. Tan is our favorite color, but a black cricket version is often very effective as well.

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EP Ascension Bay Mantis

Ryan Gabert Crab fly tying Fly Tying Video mantis permit saltwater Saltwater Flies

In this video, Hans ties the EP Ascension Bay Mantis. This was one of their most effective flies for permit last year in Mexico – you should definitely have a few tied up if you’re headed south for permit!

EP Ascension Bay Mantis Materials List

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