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October 09, 2015 2 min read

Awesomeness.Fishing this weekend is going to be awesomeness! You heard it here first, folks. The weather is going to be warming up considerably, even into the mid 80s tomorrow afternoon. Will the trout care? Nope. Will the bugs be out in full force? More than likely. Either way the nymphing will be great as usual.

Not bad for October - not bad at all.

Not bad for October – not bad at all.

Rapid Creek is a touch high for dry fly fishing right now, but with the exception of that there should be some good midge and BWO emergences on all of the other local creeks. The nymphing has been lights-out lately, especially on Spearfish Creek both in the canyon and in town. Castle Creek is going to have some fishing looking up for beetles and ants this weekend, so if you like fishing dry flies toss on a Klinkhamer and head up towards the dam. If you want, put a dropper on for added seductiveness. Sand and Crow Creeks should both have excellent dry fly opportunities as well, and the fish aren’t usually super selective about the particular pattern, just presentation. If you’re hunting for a big fall brown, we’re into the time of year that the big boys are out and about and can be teased into taking ridiculous sized streamers. Rapid Creek is your best bet for a truly giant fish right now. Sink tips and articulated streamers are the name of the game. Will you catch a lot of fish? Probably not. Could you catch a 26 inch hook-jawed hoss? The odds are good when you commit to throwing streamers.

This weekend is going to be a great time to be out on the water, with many opportunities for every angler’s taste. Stop by the shop and we’ll head you in the right direction and show you some of our hottest flies from the past few days!