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December 04, 2014 1 min read

tungsten jig red butt nymph This is an awesome attractor nymph that works just about anywhere, anytime. Fish in sizes 12-16

Tying the Tungsten Red Butt Jig Nymph

The Tungsten Jig Red Butt Nymph is easy to tie and very effective. You can alter the color of the butt of the fly to make new variations- try orange or chartreuse for the butt. The hot spots on this style of fly trigger strikes. Be sure to pick or brush out the throax to add bugginess.

Materials for the Tungsten Red Butt Jig Nymph

Purchase Materials to Tie this Fly - Tungsten Red Butt Jig Nymph Materials

  • Hook: Syndicate Nymph Midge Emerger Hook Black CH400BK size 10-16

  • Bead: Slotted Tungsten Beads Black Nickel sized to match hook

  • Thread: UTC 70 Denier Tan or Brown

  • Tail: Coq de Leon fibers

  • Abdomen: Red Dubbing, Hare's Mask Dubbing Natural Color

  • Thorax: Black Hare's Mask Dubbing or Black Squirrel SLF dubbing