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Rapid Creek Fishing February 12th 2015

February 13, 2015 1 min read

Great afternoon on Rapid Creek below Pactola yesterday. Saw a couple fish rising, but not enough to switch to the dry fly. Fishing was best with small midge larva droppers behind a heavily weighted scud pattern. Forecast looks great for fishing today and Sunday. Then a few days of colder weather to start the week.

Black hills brown trout fly fishing

Rapid Creek Rainbow Trout

Hooked Up on Rapid Creek Black Hills Trout Fishing

Rapid Creek Black Hills Brown Trout Winter 2015

Rapid Creek winter 2015

Small midges fished deep were the ticket. We used the new Corqs Indicators with a jigged Boat Anchor Scud and small tungsten Zebra Midge. To help the rig sink more quickly we shortened a tapered leader to 4′. Then added 4′ of 5x fluorocarbon tippet to which the scud pattern was attached. We attached 12″ of 6x fluorocarbon to the scud and tied on a #22 zebra midge.

CorQs Natural strike indicator

nymphing rig