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May 08, 2012 1 min read

Midge Patterns- Pinkie Midge

This fly tying video features the Pinkie Fly, but not the pinkie of Bighorn River fame. This fly came about after seeing small pink worms in stomach pump samples in our local tailwater Rapid Creek. While this is not a perfect match it works very well. Coincidentally it also works very well on the Bighorn River. Fish might also be taking this fly in our tailwater as a mysis shrimp. The Pinkie is unusual as far as midge patterns go, but this color scheme has proved to be very effective.

I most frequently tie as a midge pattern in size 18.

If you want it to imitate a larger food items, such as an aquatic worm, tie it in sizes 8-12.


Materials Link: The Pinkie

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Happy Tying!