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February 06, 2015 1 min read

We custom ordered some new jig patterns for the bins, and they’ve arrived! Jig nymphs are some of out most productive patterns here in the Black Hills, and these are a few variations of our favorite nymphs! Come by and check them out – they’ve been great flies for us.

Red Copper John Jig Nymph copper john jig nymph baetis jig nymphIMG_0205

Another new product we have in the shop now is CorQs indicators, and we’ve been enjoying fishing with them! They’re a natural cork indicator, and they come in several different sizes and colors. They’re attached by looping your line through the rubber loop on the bottom of the indicator, and they don’t kink your line or slide up and down your leader. Another nice thing about them is the fact that they land softly – a big plus when you’re fishing spooky and selective fish. Come down and take a look at them!

CorQs CorQs Neon medium CorQs Natural 5:8 CorQs white 3:4