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November 08, 2018 2 min read

We just received a big shipment of the new Fishpond Gear at the shop yesterday – they’ve come out with some great new products for 2019! From packs to hats to nets, there’s some cool stuff in every department. Here’s a few highlights of our favorites!

This is going to be the ultimate Black Hills pack! Rotating pack, net holder, and the ability to attach a water bottle holder. What else do you need for a day of Black Hills Fishing? Keep your fishing lightweight – check out the Switchback Wading Belt System!

Fishponds Switchback Belt System includes a pack that slides independently from back to front, a molded net holster for long-handled nets, a shoulder strap with tool and fly attachment, and options to attach our new molded wading staff pouch, drink holder, and Quickshot rod holder. Functional and purposeful. Can be worn with vests, chest packs or other gear of choice.

Perfect size pack for a day trip, and it’ll keep your gear bone dry! We’ve had great luck with the Thunderhead series of packs and bags, and the new Thunderhead Chest Pack is going to be a small stream fisherman’s perfect pack.

The Thunderhead Chest Pack delivers a waterproof carry system created to purposefully load all of the essential gear for a day on the water, including a net holster that seats your long or short handled net perfectly. Bring along what you need, instead of what you have. While it’s a great standalone piece, it also integrates into our backpacks and can be lashed to your boat providing quick secure storage for wet rides. Built out of our trusted 1680d TPU coated recycled Cyclepond nylon, this clean chest pack is built to protect your gear from the elements.

This is the best wading belt ever invented, period. The Westbank Wader belt has attachments for hooking on a pack, water bottle holder, or Quikshot Rod Holder. Upgrade your wading belt game!

Why just have a belt to secure your waders and support your back? We thought about what other functions a belt might serve and we created a purposeful spot for your net, attachment slots for a Quikshot rod holder, a floating “rail” where you can strap on packs, water bottle holders, wading staffs, and all sorts of river accessories. The game has changed, and you can expect more.