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December 10, 2012 2 min read

Black Hills Fishing Report 12/10/12

Rapid Creek In Town – Fishing continues to be good in town, with the majority of the
fish being stacked in the larger, deeper pools. Lots of nymphing, using Pink Squirrels,
UV Czechs, and San Juans for lead flies, and Bubble Backs, Two Bit Hookers, T-Ready
Baetis Nymphs, UV Midges, and Hot Bead Bubble Backs for dropper flies. Concentrate
on the larger pools, and the tailouts of these pools, especially for rising fish. Midges have
been periodically hatching, mostly from 11-2 during the day. Use small, 18-22 Morgan’s
Midges, Eric’s Midges, or a small Parachute Adams to target these risers.

Rapid Creek Below Pactola – Fish are moved into their winter locations, mostly the
larger pools, and the deepest runs. Use Hunchback Scuds, UV Czechs, Tungsten San
Juans, Tungsten Sunkists, and Hot Spot Pheasant Tails for your lead flies. Try small,
18-22 Bubble Backs, Two Bits, Split Case Baetis Nymphs, and UV Midges, along with
Black Beauties and regular Zebra Midges for your dropper. Streamers are effective right
now, since the smaller fish are stacked right with the big boys, so try your luck for a
monster with a Kraft’s Kreelex, Home Invader, or a Sex Dungeon. Midges are hatching
fairly consistently, with some fish always looking towards the surface. Target these fish
with a 20-24 Morgan’s Midge, Eric’s Midge, F-Fly, or a small Parachute Adams.

Spearfish Creek – Limited window of opportunity left to fish the canyon, but it has
still been fishing well. Target the bigger pools and the deepest pockets, the fish aren’t
really in the shallower runs right now. Pretty much all a nymph game right now, with
conventional nymphs like Pheasant Tails and Hare’s Ears being good producers. Small
midge patterns are the best dropper right now, mostly with various colors and sizes of
Bubble Backs and Zebra midges. In Town has been fishing well, and will continue to
do so throughout the winter. Lots of attractor patterns work well in town, such as Pink
Squirrels, North Fork Specials, small Halfbacks, San Juans, and UV Czechs. Small
Midge larvae or Baetis nymphs have been the most successful droppers lately, try a
Bubble Back, UV Midge, or Tungsten Split Case BWO for your bottom fly.