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August 02, 2018 2 min read

black hills fishing report august 2018 flyfishing

Black Hills Fishing Report August 2nd 2018

Warmer drier weather is on the way this week; highs will be mostly in the 80’s rather than the 90’s and 100’s we often see this time of year. That combined with ample moisture continues to make for excellent fishing conditions throughout the Black Hills. Some streamflows are still a bit high in the central and southern hills. Overall stream levels and fishing is quite good. For the best luck it is still mostly nymph fishing and streamer fishing. However, as flows drop over the coming days dry fly fishing, terrestrial fishing, and hopper fishing should all improve.

Rapid Creek has fished well above and below Pactola reservoir. Higher than average flows currently on Rapid Creek but they are still fishable conditions. Mostly if not all nymph fishing except for in the longer runs and flats. Caddis in the evening and Tricos in the morning will provide dry fly fishing opportunities- mostly in town. Up in the higher elevations flows have dropped enough to fish dry dropper rigs. Fishing big hopper patterns and beetle patterns along the banks should also produce well. If you want numbers the name of the game on Rapid Creek will be getting down deep with heavier tungsten weighted nymphs. Flows above the Pactola are a bit lower than below the reservoir and are fishable all the way from Silver city on up through Rochford.

Castle Creek above and below Deerfield has been decent. There is nearly as much fishing activity up on Castle in terms of numbers of fisherman. Good place to fish dry dropper rigs and have plenty of water to yourself. Castle Creek has been fishing well down stream of Castle Peak campground through Mystic.

Spearfish Creek has come down quicker than some of the other streams from our last round of moisture. Good fishing in the canyon all the way through town. Great nymph fishing as always. Definitely worth trying some hopper dropper rigs especially further downstream.

Spring Creek, Box elder Creek, Crow Creek, Elk Creek and french Creek will all have opportunities as well. While some of these may not be as consistent as Rapid creek, Castle Creek, and Spearfish Creek, there will be less pressure and opportunities to get off the beaten track.

Warmer weather will make lake fishing more of an early morning or late evening endeavor. Still worth getting out the float tube and trying streamers, buggers, leeches, and damselfly nymph patterns on a sinking line. Cooler days should be excellent for Callibaetis hatches.

Warmwater opportunities are much better than last year- stock and prairie dams are full. Get out and chase some largemouth with poppers. Or get your carp game on- both Angostura and Belle Fourche have been worth it. Cruisers are taking terrestrials – and you can always find a few tailers near shore. Early and late are best for tailing fish.

For up-to-date information stop by the shop and for anybody needing additional help a guide is always a great option. Give us a call at 605–341–2450 to schedule your trip today.