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August 01, 2017 2 min read

Black Hills Fishing Report

Black Hills Fishing Report August 1st 2017

Fishing has been getting better and better as we have seen fewer highs in the 90s and more highs in the 80’s. The forecast looks good for the coming days. Best stream fishing will continue to be on Castle Creek, Spearfish Creek, and Rapid Creek. Hatches of Tricos, Caddis, Little Yellow Stones, PMDs, and PEDs are bring fish to the surface. Most hatch activity is early and late. Terrestrial and Hopper fishing is good through the day. Most fish from 10 am on are taken on nymphs; unless you are fishing a deep run or pool, stick with a dry dropper rig.

Rapid Creek is fishing well below Pactola. Fish are there typically tough selves directly below Pactola, but can be caught on terrestrial dries, small nymphs and midges. Further downstream fishing is less technical. Try Dry Dropper Rigs- attractor or hopper dry with a skinny tungsten jig dropper. Fishing in the upper watershed is good from the Rockford area up towards Black Fox campground.

Spearfish Creek is fishing very well through the Canyon down through the city of Spearfish. Fish have become a bit pickier than earlier in the summer, but can be fooled by dropping down to 6x and slightly smaller nymphs. Some dry fly activity later in the afternoon into the evening. Hopper fishing is picking up in the lower reaches of the stream.

Castle Creek is much the same as it was last report. Good fishing above and below Deerfield Reservoir. Below the reservoir there are good hatches of caddis, PMDS, and small stoneflies. Dry Dropper rigs are the best way to cover water here. Fishing above the reservoir is small water, but can be fished primarily with attractor dries and terrestrials.

Black Hills Fishing Report

Custer State Park anglers should focus on the same water as the last report- Grace Coolidge Walk In Area and French Creek. Fish attractor dries or hoppers with a copper john dropper. With cooler evening temps the lakes will start fishing better in the park- try Center Lake or Sylvan Lake early or late in the day. Callibaetis mayflies will be hatching. Most fish will be taken on dries late in the evening. Best all around option for lake fishing are buggers and leeches fished on sinking lines.

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Black Hills Fishing Report

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Black Hills Fishing Report