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Gamakatsu 60 degree Jig Hooks

February 04, 2013 2 min read

Gamakatsu 60 degree Jig Hooks



For all of you warmwater aficionados, this is a hook you have to tie a few bugs on and definitely give a try. One problem many warmwater fly tiers have, is finding good, quality hooks without stepping up to expensive stainless steel saltwater hooks, which are unnecessary for most freshwater applications. You can tie virtually any other warmwater pattern on these hooks, from pike streamers to big carp craws. Clousers? Done them. Grim Reapers? Perfect hook. Crawfish Imitations? Works great. Even the infamous Don Polovich creation, the Bully Bugger, can be crafted onto one of these hooks. These hooks are built like an armored car, and the consistency among them is amazing.
You seriously never get a bad hook, or a slightly opened eye, or a bad barb. They are all 100 percent identical to each other. One benefit to the 60 degree jig aspect of things, is that when you tie any fly with dumbbells on the bottom, your chances of getting hung up or snagged are reduced drastically because of the angle of the eye. It kind of “reaches up”, so to say, and keeps your fly from wedging in the bottom. Also, whenever you pull on your line or rod tip, it lifts the fly upward in the water, rather than pulling it into weeds, rocks, and other debris. The other benefit to this angled hook, as I just mentioned, is the undulating, jigging motion you can add to any fly, just by tying it on this hook. Tie any warmwater pattens on this hook, and I really believe it will increase your success, and also cause you to get snagged less often. And, they look pretty badass too.  


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